Where can you purchase epoxy application tools?  From your local dealer or your local home supply store.  It is important to use only recommended squeegees for grout installation.  Please refer to our installation page for a description.

How long does the epoxy take to cure?  Curing time varies depending on weather conditions.  Typically in 75 to 85 degree weather curing time will be 24 hours.

How soon can you walk on the epoxy?  Depending on weather conditions it may be as little as 2 hours or as much as 24 hours.

How soon can you drive on it?  Depending on weather conditions it could be 24 hours or as much as 48 hours.

What temperature range is best suited for application of the epoxy?  Temperature should be above 45 degrees.  Temperatures should not fall below 32 degrees within 24 hours of application.

Can I pressure wash the grout?  Yes, with a fan tip spray.

Can I use muriatic acid on your products?  Yes.  It will not affect the grout, but it should be diluted so it does affect the stone.

What does the epoxy grout kit consist of?  It is comprised of a two part user friendly epoxy.  Specific graded sand may be purchased.

Can I supply my own sand?  Yes. Sand must be 20 grade sand or larger.  Note: Due to variations in sand colors across the country, the resulting grout color may vary.  For more information and recommendations on sand types visit or call technical support at: 407-948-1889.

How does the epoxy clean up during application?  With soap and water.

How do I clean the stones and grout over time?  You may use bleach, driveway cleaner, tri sodium phosphate or a pressure washer.

How many square feet will one epoxy kit cover?  Depending on installation methods, grout coverage may vary. Please refer to our grout calculation sheet to determine the amount you would require.