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EcoSystems Permeable Particle Binder evolved from years of research and development for the perfect grout filler for wide joint pavers. In the fall of 2003, the owners of Cobble Systems, LLC decided to find an acceptable solution for their patented product lines. They discovered the options available in North America were quite limited and difficult to apply. Typical mortared joints were labor intensive and would fail under heavy vehicular loads especially when installed on permeable base construction. Polymeric sands were also ruled out due to product limitations with application and performance.  Consultations and experiments with epoxy resin engineers, scientists and installation experts in the field created the ideal think tank for the perfect product.  The result was the combination of advanced epoxy technology coupled with the ease of application.

Research also proved that a stable, yet permeable, material would be the perfect solution for an industry requiring control of storm water runoff.  When EcoSystems Permeable Particle Binder is mixed with specific sized aggregates for pavement joints, a permeable system can be achieved, aiding project designs striving for LEED and Green Building benefits.

Reduced long-term maintenance costs are also realized due to the permanency of the material.  Joint materials remain in place regardless of traffic, vacuuming, street sweeping or light pressure washing.  It is also resistant to most chemicals and salts, freeze/thaw resistant, non-hazing and has an excellent price/performance ratio.

Applications are not limited to joint material for paver systems or natural stone.  Although joint widths should be a minimum of 3/16”, there are no limitations on a maximum width.  Combinations of EcoSystems Permeable Particle Binder and sand or gravel have been used on everything from 8 foot wide golf cart paths to entire driveways and patios.  These applications offer the beauty of permanent natural materials without the storm runoff effect of solid surfaces such as concrete or tightly packed pavement systems.

With a multitude of benefits, EcoSystems Permeable Particle Binder creates eco-friendly hardscape solutions for your world.

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